Love Isn’t Just a Noun

selective focus photography of woman and boy

In what seems like a fractious world, there is one constant, beyond the sun coming up every day. It’s a theme that runs through our lives, although sometimes it gets shuffled to the side when we are in pursuit of other things. But it’s always there, and forms the greatest source of happiness in life: to love and be loved. Interestingly, love and optimism go hand in hand.

Think of the strongly optimistic people you know. Have you noticed the depth and scope of their relationships? Optimists are enthusiastic lovers! They love many things passionately – nature, sports, music, art, gardening – you name it, they love it.

Most of all, optimists love people. They respond to children and old folks with compassionate and care. They are deeply connected to their families. They are usually involved in doing something to help people in trouble. In fact, optimists reach out to others all the time, giving the gift of their attention and interest, and they have a wonderful way of making the people they are talking to feel valued and important.

And it doesn’t take much to admit that it is more fun to work with optimists! They seem to make the hours go faster. They see possibilities everywhere, and they add a vital buoyancy to the work environment. They are water, food and the warmth of sunshine to the buried seeds of imagination and creativity.

Optimists’ ability to admire and enjoy others is a powerful force that helps account for their optimism and keeps their positive outlook alive. Because of all the loving energy they put forth, they have a lot of love coming back at them, too. In tough times, they find themselves in the center of a supportive network that helps them make it through the rough spots.

There’s no question about it. Loving relationships nurture optimism, and optimism helps us become more loving. And remember this: love isn’t just a noun. It’s a verb and therefore requires action to become real.